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How to use artificial light

Working with artificial light scares many photographers, and I don’t really understand why. Sure there are some unknowns at first, but suck it up and figure it out…if I did, so can you.  It can be a little intimidating initially, but once you start to learn how it works there are tremendous opportunities to experiment… Continue Reading

How to look your best on Zoom

The pandemic and Work From Home (WFH) mean that all of us find ourselves communicating over screens more than we ever did before. The following tips are listed in order of ease of implementation, meaning the first tip is for everyone, and the later tips require more effort and/or investment. If you are using the… Continue Reading

How do I sell my used photo gear

How do I sell my used photo gear

  As photographers we all tend to accumulate gear over time. We hold onto things thinking it may be useful at some point. Eventually you may come to the realization that you simply aren’t going to use some of the items. I had been holding onto a coupe of carbon fiber lens hoods for two… Continue Reading