Brandi Ramirez
Brandi Ramirez
Bob has done a wonderful job. He helped us with our ribbon cutting events as well as team photos and headshots. Bob was able to help us in a pinch and saved the day without furrowing a brow. Thanks Bob!
Robert Wexler
Robert Wexler
Bob has done headshots and group photos for our staff. Always pleased with his work and professionalism. He is easy to work and is very flexible about going on location. He has a beautiful studio space as well! Highly recommend!
Lisa Bidinger
Lisa Bidinger
Bob did the photography for my Ribbon cutting ceremony. He came early and got some pictures of food prep, and shot some great photos of the entire celebration. His personality and the occasional dad joke made the experience enjoyable for everyone. He had a keen eye for capturing candid moments and ensured that all the important aspects of the ceremony were beautifully documented. Bob's professionalism and passion for photography truly shone through in his work. The quality of the photos he delivered exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Bob for any event or photography needs; he's a true artist behind the lens! He also got my digital photos to me promptly, which was amazing!
Kyle Winters
Kyle Winters
Bob was fantastic to work with. He is very knowledgeable and experienced. He also returned our photos back from us well ahead of schedule! He made our wedding day experience special
Rick Jayroe
Rick Jayroe
Robert did a great job with my profile picture! I would highly recommend him.
karen ludington
karen ludington
Bob is a wonderful photographer. He is professional and puts you right at ease. He is a pleasure to work with. I will definitely come back.
Shavonne Jacobson
Shavonne Jacobson
Bob helped me feel comfortable during our photo session and included my feedback and wishes during our session. He captured the professional headshot image I needed. I appreciate his expertise and prompt service.
Daniel Marchese
Daniel Marchese
Thanks Bob
Elke Usrey
Elke Usrey
I contacted the studio on short notice, and they were able to accommodate my short time frame. I received the photos, and they look amazing. I am proud to show them to my family and friends. Robert is very professional, and patient and cares about giving you the best experience possible to capture the look and memories that you want to create!


Dawn K If you want to learn how to get the most out of your camera take the basic class. Even if you don’t think you need a basic class you’ll be amazed at what you’ll learn. Bob is so patient and teaches at whatever level you need. You’ll leave so much more confident, ready to have more fun with your camera.


Bob and his team were our photographers for my July 2018 wedding. I can NOT say enough amazing things about the photos and his team. They were at my fiancé and I’s different spots as we got ready, our church, and reception. They were professional, on time, communicated with my groom and I. during the planning process they communicated with us often and made sure we had everything that we needed – photos are AMAZING I can’t say enough amazing things! A MUST hire!


We have had senior photos taken with Bob for all three of our daughters now and I cannot recommend him more highly. He made them feel at ease, which certainly made for the most beautiful photos of them. He and Julie are professional, clearly knowledgeable and talented, accommodating, and helpful, going above and beyond to respond to our daughters’ wishes and meet deadlines. The end result was individualized and stunning every time.


Knowledgeable and patient instructor!


As in past photo safaris, this trip to Yosemite national Park was excellent! The travel planning, and photographic expertise were superior.
– Robert DiTommaso Photography Hi Marilyn, Yes, another great trip. Thank you for your continued support and participation. I had a very enjoyable time. Bob


I attended the 6-Hour Basic DSLR Workshop and I am no longer afraid of my camera. I’m looking forward to taking more workshops with Bob.
– Robert DiTommaso Photography Hi Sharon, Thanks for the review. The more you experiment with your camera, there comfortable you will become. Bob


 Bob’s workshops are always informative and fun. He always demonstrates exactly what he is talking about. In addition to learning something new there is always new inspiration gained.
– Robert DiTommaso Photography Hi Mike, Thanks for the review, glad to hear you always find some new inspiration. Bob


Very knowledgeable,
– Robert DiTommaso Photography Thanks


I was quite impressed with the class. I thought Bob did a great job. It was a great overview for people of different skill levels. If you’re completely new to photography, I could see some of the topics being difficult to grasp. I have had some experience through the years with topics such as aperture, ISO, shutter speed, etc., but the organization of the material was helpful to reinforce some of what I knew, fill in gaps, and correct misconceptions. It was also nice having someone knowledgeable on various pieces of equipment, so even if you have some experience but are switching gear, you may find the class useful just for that purpose alone. I would even recommend someone borrow a DSLR if they are interested in purchasing a camera. What you learn may help you decide on a camera that is appropriate for you. Anyways, if you’re in doubt, the class is a great value. I strongly recommend it.
– Robert DiTommaso Photography Hi Brian, Good to hear you enjoyed the class so much. Thank you for sharing your experience so others can get a feel for the experience. Bob


 I have taken multiple classes with Bob, and this one is another that exceeded my expectations. The level of detail, the multitude of examples and demonstrating the step by step editing process was just right. Highly recommend this course.
– Robert DiTommaso Photography Hi Chris, So glad you enjoyed the Lightroom training. I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts. Bob


My wife, daughter (15) and I had a great learning experience together attending the Lightroom presentation. It’s often a challenge to teach to different age groups with different levels of experience. Bob did a good job with this by explaining terms and demonstrating concepts through slides, discussion and live software use. We did not feel we needed our laptops, rather it was good to follow along and take a few notes in his handouts.
– Robert DiTommaso Photography Hi Chris, Glad it worked out well for everyone. It was great seeing you and your family. Bob.


Robert put together a fantastic presentation based on his vast Photography business experiences. You can see why his business is so successful. His energy, passion, knowledge, and experiences was framed in a way that you not only could digest everything but pick out special points that you could apply to your own business situation. I’m very pleased with the outcome of this workshop. Tom


Informative session.
– Robert DiTommaso Photography Thank you for attending Ronda, and I appreciate your leaving a review. Bob


I’ve attended multiple classes taught by Robert DiTommaso and they all have been extremely helpful to me as I learned valuable things that have helped me become more familiar and knowledgeable with Photography, Software, equipment and the business of photography itself. He makes things easy to understand and has lots of helpful tips. I have also hired him for individual lessons as well and intend to use his resources further.


Great classes, expert level help, answers questions thoroughly. A definite A+++++


Bob does a excellent job of putting together creative meetup workshops from technical setups of your camera, composition, lighting, editing images, travel arrangements and accommodations. If you haven’t experienced a workshop with Bob, your missing the chance to expand your knowledge and creativity of your photography skills along with a fun time and interesting challenges and places to photograph. Dan from Swartz Creek, Michigan.



“I called Bob on very short notice for some pictures. I did not have any hard & fast rules so Bob’s direction and guidance was really appreciated.

I felt really comfortable with Bob’s process; he & Julie helped to create a fun & casual atmosphere.

My pictures turned out just beautiful!

Thank you, Bob

I’d recommend you to anyone.”



Family Portraits

“My family and I would like to thank you very much for the beautiful photos of the family. The large family picture looks wonderful in our family room. The others we will put up in due time. It was a great experience and you and Bob were extremely professional.

Thanks again!

6-Hour Basic Photography Workshop

“Bob is a pro and his technical presentation was concise and pertinent. Glad I attended.”  (Gary)

  • Great class, I look forward to taking more classes in this workshop!
  • It was a great class that kept my attention all day, which is hard to do. He didn’t go too fast or too slow. I learned a lot. (KB)
  • Great class, we will be back for others. (AD)
  • I have basic photography skills and found the workshop very helpful in enhancing my skills. Bob, is an excellent presenter and knows the subject very well. I enjoyed the breakout sessions and found them most useful. Overall it was a great presentation and I am glad I attended the workshop. I would highly recommend him to my friends. Thanks, Bob! (PP)
  • My friend and I attended the 6 hour workshop and were quite impressed with Bob’s knowledge and talent, as well as his ability to share his understanding of photography with others. Thumbs way up–we had a delightful time and fully recommend it to others who want to learn more about their DLSR and photography in general. (RW)
  • Great course, lots of hands-on training.  (KK)

Travel Photography Workshop

  • This was a very informative workshop. Bob is a great instructor! So glad I was able to attend! (E.W.)
  • Another great session with Bob. He provided a lot of practical knowledge on gear, techniques, and preparation to make great photos while traveling. (M.W.)

Lightroom Workshops – Introduction, Image Development, Output and Workflow Process

  • The class has helped me move smoothly through and between the modules of Lightroom to download files, edit, and print. Bob used LR5, which was an added benefit of the class. (M.W.)
  • Wonderful class! A lot was covered in those three hours. (C.H. – on Output Workshop)
  • Very Informative. Thanks Bob and all for an evening of gaining knowledge. I will be practicing all week. (A.C.)
  • Great job. Lots of information. Going to enjoy using Lightroom. (R.J. – Development Workshop)
  • Excellent, very worthwhile. Thanks, Bob! (SL-Printing)
  • The class exceeded my expectations. The photo data base features were explained and demonstrated in detail. (MW-Introduction)

Flower Photography Workshop

  • GREAT…loved it! It was a great set-up and very organized. Really enjoyed the atmosphere and found it very relaxing. (G.)
  • Some of the information was a bit advanced for me, but I learned a lot … and started the scary path of learning to use my tripod 🙂 (M)

Night Photography Workshop

  • This was another great Meetup with Bob. Lots of good suggestions and practical information on photography in general, night photography in particular, and photographic equipment. (MW)
  • I learned alot in this class with on the field experience and having a fantastic teacher, Bob, to explain and show how to work the camera for night time shots. Thank you! It was a fun learning environment and adventure. (KB)
  • Excellent work shop. 4out of 4 perfect classes. Looking forward to sign up for the next class. Thank you Bob. (N)
  • As always Bob is a fantastic teacher! Very patient and extremely knowledgeable. Birmingham is a great a area for night photography. (D)

3-Day Photography Safaris

  • This 3 day workshop meet all my expectations! Thanks Bob for a fab weekend filled with great pics, bundles of new knowledge and meeting fellow photographers! (C)
  • … I had a great weekend! I learned so much, enjoyed meeting everyone in the group! Thanks to Bob for being an extremely informed and professional instructor, thanks to Juliann for planning a well run weekend… (D)
  • Thanks for a great weekend, Bob! Mike and I really enjoyed it, and we learned a lot.
  • Another grand hands-on learning experience. Bob is very patient…and especially helpful in all areas of photography…..not just with F stops and ISO…but tripods…and backpacks…..I really learned ALOT!!!! (JB)

Flash Photography Workshop

  • 5 Stars for this workshop…..learning that to make the flash work you have to attach it properly was invaluable! (C)
  • Enjoyed the class, looking forward to the next (M)
  • Was really informative and well organized. (JH)
  • Really great workshop. Learned a lot and identified some critical components of my setup that I was missing. (LD)
  • Very informative and hands-on was very educational! (J)
  • Excellent, full of great information, gear and gadget ideas, and an opportunity to apply information through shooting pictures. (CF)

Photo Walks

  • Great outing! Thanks for organizing this Bob! (C)
  • Thanks again Bob, really enjoyed the zoo walk! (LB)
  • Enjoyed the zoo walk! (MG)
  • Thanks for putting this together, Bob. It was a lot of fun. (A)
  • Had a great time and it was nice meeting a few new people! Keep posting pictures everyone! (FW)
  • Thank you for putting this together Bob. I’ve never visited the zoo during the winter. Good time today. (J)
  • Great choice for a meet up ! The church was filled with interesting things to photograph ! (BG)
  • First time photographing in a church. Great learning experience. Thanks for the opportunity! (AM)
  • Great, friendly! (C)
  • My first photography meetup – won’t be my last – had a great time. (MG)

Big Bright Light Show – Night Photography (December) Workshop

  • Hey Bob!  Enjoyed the outing! I met some talented and nice people. The Meet UP was well organized, informative and a small enough group to get some individual coaching and have some questions answered. (JH)
  • Well organized and informative. (CF)
  • In spite of the soggy weather enlighting (: meetup. lots to shoot, good instruction. (C)
  • The instruction was excellent, got some interesting shots, learned and now have to patience. (DK)
  • Definitely worth putting on long johns and wool socks for this one! Great workshop, as always! (LW)
  • This was an excellent workshop. Bob took the time to make sure each participant understood the recommended camera settings and how to use their equipment. He explained what to expect while out shooting before the actual shoot. The location was good with lots of subjects to photograph. Thanks Bob. Job well done!!! (DP)

Basic – Portrait Photography Workshop

  • Very well thought out agenda; Bob kept everything flowing and he is always willing to help. I walked away with very useful information that I did not have before I attended the class. (SJ)
  • Great learning experience!!! Bob is always eager to share his knowledge. He is very patient and caters to everyone’s level of abilities. (JB)
  • Fantastic workshop, I have never been disappointed in any of the workshops of Bob DiTommaso that I have attended. He’s very knowledgeable and happily shares his knowledge. I love meeting all the new people and seeing the ones again that I have already meet! (DH)

Basic – Landscape / Nature Photography Workshop

  • Probably one of the best meetups I’ve been to. I love the short, but information packed tutorial at the beginning and then he took us out into the field to show us how to use what we just learned. I’m a hands on learner and this was perfect! Thanks Bob! (BS)

Basic Digital Photography – Exposure, Depth of Field & White Balance

  • Bob did a great job of breaking down the basic elements of photography through terminology, examples and in-class practice. We also learned about the relationship of these elements and how effecting one leads to changes in the others.
    This is a great class for those just starting out in photography or those wanting to get more out of their DSLR than just shooting in automatic mode all the time.  (KD)
  • This was a smaller group which made for more “hands on” experience. Bob is very patient and makes a huge effort to help in the understanding of the exposure triangle,as well as other photographic mysteries. Obviously not in a hurry to end class and always available for further questions after class. (JB)

HDR – Train, Capture & Process Workshop

  • This is a great HDR workshop with lots of practical capture and workflow tips to inspire your creativity. I really enjoyed the friendly and supportive learning environment. (M)