iPhone Photography $45

iPhone Photography $45

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Photo of the camera lens part of iPhone
Phone cameras are becoming increasingly better, and they are always with us.


iPhone photography – Apple Cell phone cameras continue to get more and more advanced. If you have something other than an iPhone you are welcome to attend, but I know the iPhone camera system and supporting apps very well. I would have to poke around your operating system to figure out if your brand camera phone has similar functionality.

This workshop will cover:

  • How to maximize the camera built into your phone;
Screen shot of iPhone 12 camera with the quick access setting panel revealed.
Camera phones have several different settings that we can quickly access to control the shape and appearance of our image.
  • Look at shooting apps designed to help you take your phone photography even further;
Screen shot of a group of mobile phone apps.
Slow Shutter makes capturing motion a joy on the phone.
  • Explore apps for editing your images after you have shot them and lastly;
Pine tree detail shot taken by with an iPhone 6plus
Shot on an iPhone 6plus and edited on the phone using SnapSeed
  • Lastly we will look at software programs designed to help you enlarge cellphone images so they can be printed at very respectable sizes. I have very successfully printed 20X30 inch canvas gallery wraps from cell phone cameras.

To enroll click on the link, select the 7PM time slot and fill out the form.