UV Macro Flowers / Still-Life Photography Workshop  $45

UV Macro Flowers / Still-Life Photography Workshop $45

Sharp focus stack image of a flower
Flowers in the studio!


Join Bob for this training & shooting workshop! Call or write to reserve your spot. (248) 941-4859 – [email protected]

I recently watched a webinar on UV Flower Photography and I thought it looked intriguing. Setting up and photographing still lifes and flowers are a great way to enjoy your photography at home.

This studio workshop will start with Bob giving instruction on shooting under a variety of different lighting scenarios, then the group will be encouraged to create their own still life arrangements. Bob will have a variety of objects on-hand with which to play and create, and participants are encouraged to bring their own objects as well. The supplied props will include an array of fresh flowers always a hit with photographers.

Lillies light by a studio strobe.
Photographed with a 70-200mm non-macro lens. Using the back edge of the studio light to avoid putting light on the wall.


A macro lens is not required, bring what you have. You will be surprised at how close your current lenses will allow you to get. A tripod is very helpful, as is a remote release. If you have no tripod, contact us to see if we can help you out with a loaner tripod and plenty of technique tips. We also sell tripods and remote releases in the studio.

We will create plenty of stations so everyone will be able to shoot without a long wait.

What are Students Saying About Flower Photography?

“I learned a lot about photographing flowers and lighting…also had a good time!” Gina

“It was great! Bob was very helpful (as usual) and I learned a lot!” Priscilla