Up and out nice and early

Since my body is still on Michigan time it was no problem to get up at 4:30AM PST since it felt more like 7:30AM to me.  Sunrise was a cloud fest so I used the soft even light to shoot some details of the lichen and moss growing on the Cedar Trees and Ponderosa Pine.

Off to bed so I can keep on Michigan time and be up and functioning in time for sunrise.

2 Responses to Up and out nice and early

  1. Hi Bob-

    I really like the wolf picture. Sounds like an exciting trip. How many people are with you?

    • Hi John,
      I am alone until Monday, then I have one person that signed up for the workshop. Several others expressed interest but for a variety of reasons it will be just the two of us this year. I will have a few more workshops through out the year. We are in the planing stages right now for some workshops around Michigan.