Sun, Rain and Snow – Perfection!

Sunday started cold but very promising.  After a lackluster  sunrise on Saturday today’s was more rewarding.  Clear blue skies and crisp shadows to highlight all the great texture on the assorted rock formations surrounding the Yosemite Valley floor.  The sun warmed the valley floor and by Noon I spotted several people in shorts and t-shirts.  Early in the afternoon the temperature started to drop and it rained in the valley, while it snowed at the higher elevations.  Many of you probably think this is a recipe for disaster while on vacation, but not if you are a photographer in one of the most amazing National Parks in the world.  The storm conditions broke late in the afternoon and I was treated to a rewarding sunset photo shoot.

There were 22 photographers with tripods at the Tunnel View lookout alone.  The gentlemen I was next to had driven in 4 hours from San Francisco just to shoot sunset and then headed back.  Turns out he monitors the weather reports on a daily basis and when conditions look promising he gets in the car and makes the trek.  This is a magic place for certain.

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