Let it snow!

It was a day of mixed rain and snow with nothing accumulating down in Yosemite Valley.  Sunrise and sunset were cloudy and wet, but still fun to be out.  Kristen arrived today for the workshop and together we saw a couple getting married out in Cook’s Meadow.  It was snoaining, or maybe you would call it raowing.  You know rain and snow competing with each other to see who could win.  The best man and maid of honor were holding umbrellas over the bride and groom while the preacher bared the elements and did his thing.  It was unique to see.  Out of respect for their privacy I fought off the urge to photograph the scene.  I figured they had enough wedding day challenges without my gawking.

This shot was taken in the nice even light afforded by the heavy cloud cover we experienced all day.  A great example of how to keep a blah sky out of an image and make use of beautiful even light.  Had I shot this scene in bright sunlight the turbulent water would have been over exposed to the point that there would be no discernible detail.  However, in the soft light from the storm clouds the varied tones of the water moving about the rocks is preserved.

As we walked back to Yosemite Lodge after dinner the mixed snow and rain had switched over to solid snow in big wet flakes.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed that tomorrow we wake up to a winter wonderland of snow covered trees.

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