Sequoia to the Pacific

The weather forecast Friday night was for up to 16″ of new snow.  Since Friday was my last night at John Muir Lodge I worked for about 45 minutes with another traveler to build a nice big fire in the main room of the Lodge.  Then we all enjoyed some good conversation and adult beverages.  I woke up Saturday to several inches of new snow in Sequoia National Park.  No where near 16″, but that was fine with me.  I had to get out that morning and over a foot of snow would have made things a little challenging.

It was my last morning in the park.  The overnight snowfall gave me the opportunity to photograph the park with a fresh look before packing up and driving down into the Central California Valley.  I stopped numerous times a long the way.  Spring Wildflowers are in full swing in California.  After about my fifth roadside stop I told myself that I had to stay focused and get into Fresno.  It didn’t happen.  Every bend in the road brought a new opportunity and more often than not I pulled over to compose a few images before driving another mile or two.

After breakfast in Fresno, I meandered across the state to the Pacific Coast Highway and the Big Sur region.  I was nice to spend my final day in California soaking up a little sun and warmth.  I loved my time in Yosemite and Sequoia, but it has been a long winter and it felt good to wander about in a t-shirt.  The picture above was taken in a remote little gully with a creek that was flowing down from the hills into the Pacific.  It was a beautiful day and a superb way to end my adventure.  I look forward to returning home and seeing Julie and the boys.  I spoke on and off with Mary Ellen while driving around Big Sur, as phone reception would allow.  She is enjoying school and I am very proud of her hard work.

One Response to Sequoia to the Pacific

  1. Hi Bob,
    I was looking through your pictures and noticed the one with the path to the water and the sun in the left corner of the sky… That is a beautiful image! If you don’t mind me asking, how did you get the rays of the sun to look like they do? It is very beautiful!