The Giant Forest

Within Sequoia National Park lies the Giant Forest.  Named so by naturalist John Muir for the abundance of unbelievably big trees, Sequoias as well as Pines and Cedars.  Walking in the Giant Forest is surreal.  Seeing trees over 275 feet tall starts to seem normal.  The pictures today are both from the Museum located within the Giant Forest.  The snow load here is out of control.  They have had 158″ of snow to date and as I sit in front of the fire at the John Muir Lodge it is snowing heavily outside.  The National Weather Service predicts we may get as much as 16″ before the storm clears tomorrow.

The trees live for thousands of years, typically only succumbing to death by falling over or lighting strike.  Otherwise they have no real enemies once they make it through the first few decades.  The thick bark protects them from insects, the wood is resistant to most all fungus, in fact when they do fall they remain intact on the ground for several hundred more years.

The snow is everywhere.  If you get to Sequoia National Park, the Giant Forest Museum is a must see.  There are interpretive displays showing that mature Sequoias are taller than the Statue of Liberty.

More tomorrow.


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