A unique perspective makes all the differnce

Light treatment machine at Livonia Dermatology

Light Treatment Booth

I spent half a day photographing at Livonia Dermatology Clinic today.  One of the unusual things I came across was this light treatment booth.  I wanted to get a unique perspective so I set up the Interval Timer on my Nikon D3 to give me enough time to get the camera in place and the booth shut properly.  It took a couple of attempts but I really like this image.  The symmetry is wonderful.  If it weren’t so late at night I would jump over to Photoshop CS5 and make the ceiling more uniform.

2 Responses to A unique perspective makes all the differnce

  1. I love these kinds of shots. I agree that perspective makes a world of difference…so do the patterns and repeating lines in this shot. Nicely done!