Another Camera Awesome iPhone image

SmugMug Camera Awesome processed iPhone image
Family Night at Uno Chicago Grill

It was family night at Uno Chicago Grill, so off we went.  I knew I would need an image to post to the blog here, so I shot Julie and CJ and then processed it on the spot using the new SmugMug Camera Awesome app.  Everything you see above was done on the phone in the app with the exception of my watermark.  Rough looking but fun.

In other very big news today, Adobe released Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 for sale.  The beta was relatively short lived this time around.  The unexpected news is that they dropped the price significantly.  The full version now retails for $149, and upgrades from prior releases are only $79.  If I advised you to buy LR3 while it was on clearance to get access to the upgrade price for a lower total price please don’t hate me.  I had no inkling that the price would be cut in half.  My heart was in the right place.

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