The benefit of size

When photographing highly reflective surfaces it helps to have a nice big light source.  If your light is too small the edges of it shows in the reflected surface.  I just unpacked a new 54″ x 72″ softbox and wanted to take it for a test drive so to speak.  What do you think?

Car lover bookends
54 inch by 72 inch Photoflex softbox
54" x 72" Softbox with 2 stage diffusion.

2 Responses to The benefit of size

    • Sorry for the delay in responding. I just learned tonight how to find comments awaiting approval. Then I had to wade through 700 spam comments to find the real ones. The answer is yes it is a 54’x72′ Photoflex that has since been returned to B&H because it was way too deep. I am awaiting the arrival of a ProPhoto 4’x6′ that should be about half the depth and much more workable for my space.