The 1 year old that didn’t like cake

1 year old not interested in her birthday cake

Brooklyn wants nothing to do with her 1st birthday cake

While photographing Brooklyn’s first birthday party I was looking forward to the time they brought out her cake.  Mom had handmade a beautiful 1st Birthday cake just for her to dig in and enjoy.  To the crowd’s surprise she didn’t like it.  As her mom was saying “I can’t believe it, she doesn’t like it”, you could hear the soft voice of Brooklyn’s big brother Drew saying “I like it mommy”.  He was happy to step up and help out baby sister.

Older brother quietly sat and ate the unwanted cake

Older brother Drew sits and eats the unwanted cake

Drew definitely liked the cake

I like it mom!

Face first after some encouragement from on-looking aunts and uncles

I didn’t see any forks, so I went in face first.

A lack of utensils didn't stop Drew

Dig in and enjoy

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