Heritage Festival provides great opportunity for photographers

With Memorial Day upon us there are many great opportunities to get out and photograph people in beautiful period outfits.  This first image is a woman and man walking along the edge of the ball field at The Rochester Grangers baseball game.

Woman wearing mid-1800's dress complete with parasol

Woman wearing mid-1800’s dress complete with parasol

Every year over Memorial Day weekend the 10th Michigan Infantry sets up camp in the Rochester Municipal Park.  As is there custom, they march from the park to Halbach field where they participate in the opening of the Grangers first home game.  Below, they are firing a volley over the crowds heads.  Shortly after this, they mounted their bayonets and began to advance toward the crowd.  It would have been more menacing if the young man on the end weren’t smiling so much.

Michigan 10th Infantry

The Michigan 10th Infantry.

Michigan 10th Infantry threatening to spear the crowd with their bayonets

“Mount Bayonets – Advance, did he say advance?”

This last image was taken as they had shouldered their weapons and were marching back to their camp.  I used Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4 to create a split-tone and add film grain to make it more period appropriate.

A portion of the Michigan 10th Infantry marching back to Rochester Municipal Park.

“Our work here is done”


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