Studio is finished and we had our first shoot today

Studio floor is finished

The new Oak Floor is finished and we are back to shooting

After nailing, sanding, and finishing the new Oak Floor is finished and I LOVE it!  The only thing I miss about the carpet is the noise absorption.  The studio is a little bit of an echo chamber now with all the hard surfaces.

Shaniece Bennett in the studio

Shaniece took a break from Tax Season to get a Professional Headshot

A fellow member of Local Business Network (LBN) came in today and was my first customer to be photographed in the revamped studio.  Shaniece does tax preparation among other things so this is a very bust time of the year for her.  We had a good time and created several very nice images.

Vise Grips and grandfather Clock

A little MacGyver work trying to get the clock going again.

Lastly if anyone out there has experience with getting a Grandfather clock going after a move please let me know.  I started playing with it today.  So far I have only been able to get it to run for about 6-8 minutes at a stretch.

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