A portrait is your visual introduction to your customers

Mark Natale

Mark’s Portrait will be his first introduction to his website visitors.

Your website is your 24/7 silent marketing engine.  Make sure that it is putting you and your work on display to your best advantage.  Same goes for your Facebook, LinkedIn and other Social Media.  If you are a business person your image should clearly reinforce that fact.  All too often I see profile pictures cropped from party images, or even worse, so out of date that they look nothing like the individual any more.  If you expect to be perceived as a professional step back and look at what your image is saying.  If it doesn’t show you at your best then you are doing yourself an injustice.

We do business with people, not businesses.  I worked at Chrysler for 24 years, the first 6 of which were spent in the Field Sales organization.  I had the opportunity to meet and interact with close to 300 salespeople during that time.  They all sold the same Chrysler products yet their success varied wildly.  The ones that were genuine and connected well with their customers never had a “off” month.  They had steady business and happy customers.  A well crafted portrait is an essential part of connecting with your customers.

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