Senior H.S. intern brings in new challenges

High School Senior, Dramatic Lighting, Theatre

Rochester High School Murder Mystery Promo Shot

Today Kyle, my intern, brought over two friends to shoot some promotional shots for Rochester High School’s theatre department.  Working together we light the scene carefully so as to  bring his vision to reality.  The challenge here, as with many portraits was to direct the light where we wanted it, and keep it off areas where we didn’t want it.  The Profoto’s were up to the challenge.  We used a variety of light modifiers to carefully direct the light where it was needed.

I enjoy shooting portraits with a little more meaning than most.  When I am approached to photograph a High School Senior, a Business Portrait, an Engagement Portrait, Family Portrait, or even a Baby I ask a lot of questions.  I want to understand what the motivation is behind the portrait.  How it will be used, where it will be displayed.  By learning more about where and how my clients plan to use an image I am better equipped to create an image that looks as if it belongs.  If I am asked to photograph an Attorney for instance I want to know if they want an image that will make them appear friendly and approachable to attract new clients, or if they need something with a little more attitude to put their opponents on notice that they aren’t going to be easily swayed.

Clients appreciate this purposeful approach when we take the time to create their iconic image of the day.  For a Wedding couple it might be a backlight shot of them at the end of the day, or a dramatic kiss under a setting sun.  For a newborn photograph it might be a close up shot with the had knit cap from great grandma.  Whatever the circumstance we take the time learn what makes your image click.


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