Photo walk was a great time

Tulips near Campus Martius in Detroit, Michigan

Tulips in all their glory near Campus Martius

As a photographer I have always enjoyed a wide variety of photography subjects.  Things like flowers and plants have always made for enjoyable macro photography, and are some of the most common items students request to learn how to photograph better when they  come to me for private individual photography lessons.  The Campus Martius area is currently ablaze with hundreds of Tulips.

I lead a Art Deco photo walk in Detroit, Michigan yesterday.  The weather was threatening most of the day but I was happy to see participants from as far away as St. Clair, Michigan.  As I drove down from Rochester Hills, thru Troy, Birmingham and Royal Oak the rain eased giving me hope.  Every time I schedule a photo walk for Rochester Photography Workshops I wonder if people will find the destination interesting and if the weather will cooperate.  Well yesterday the weather behaved enough to be workable, and the destination was simply amazing.  The Guardian Building was phenomenal.  I am always amazed at the level of craftsmanship and tremendous design sense when I visit a gem like this.  To think that it was built back in the 20’s is really amazing.  Just look at the detail, color and proportions.

Guardian Building, Art Deco, Detroit, Michigan

Stairs to Retail area of the Guardian Building

My thanks to all those that came out and joined in.  I estimate we had around 25 people at the height of the event.  After a disappointing stop at the Penobscott building, a subset of the group continued on foot and by car over to the Elwood bar & Grill.  I particularly enjoyed walking around the city.  For instance I never noticed the beautiful courtyard outside the GEM theatre until I walked past it yesterday.  From the car I guess I have always been focused on traffic and hunting for a parking space to get to the game.

Look at how beautiful it was yesterday all in bloom!

GEM Theatre courtyard

GEM Theatre Courtyard

If you didn’t have the opportunity to join in, I strongly suggest you get down there on your own and enjoy a morning in the city!

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