Hello from sticky warm Florida

I am not one of those people that dream of moving to Florida.  For me it is more like purgatory.  The heat and humidity are too much for me in May, I can imagine what it must be like by July or August.

So why am I in Florida in May?  Mary Ellen’s High School graduation is one of the few events that could lure me down into the heat, so that is how I come to find myself in purgatory.

I am apparently a blog piker because I can’t get an image into this post. I will read the directions and hopefully do better next time.


3 Responses to Hello from sticky warm Florida

  1. What I liked most about Florida was the morning rain that made things look so very green. I also hated the heat. Florida is for photography to provide pretty things to look at during the winter. I would have my friends take them and enjoy looking at them here.