Artificial Lighting opens doors to creativity

Artificial Lighting opens doors to creativity

Most photographers only ever work with natural light or on-camera flash. Meaning they shoot with the light they find outdoors or in their homes. I have taken many of my favorite images in natural light to be sure, but learning to take control of light and craft an image is an incredibly rewarding experience.

This image is a great example of how the right light and setting can create a dramatic feeling. Learning the basics of artificial lighting opens new pathways to be creative and experiment. While you can certainly spend thousands of dollars on lighting equipment, you don’t have to. If you buy the right pieces you can add to and grow your collection over time. I still use the vast majority of all the lighting equipment I own. There are a few pieces I should never have bought, but for the most part they all get used.

My next Artificial Lighting workshop is coming up January 20th. Learning from someone that has “been there and done that” means that I can help you avoid buying the duds, and show you the equipment that will yield the most bang for your buck.

If you are at all curious about working with artificial light, join me on Saturday for a fun day of learning, shooting and camaraderie with other like minded photographers.

I will have a variety of lighting setups in the studio and if you already own your own lights I encourage you to bring them in so you can get more comfortable with your own gear. Call (248) 608-8563 to reserve your spot today.

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