Why I recommend Lightroom

Three versions of the same file all processed in Lightroom within a few minutes 

3 versions of the same image created with Lightroom and nik Silver Efex Pro2

Mike was in the studio today for a private photography lesson.  When he called to schedule his one-on-one photography training he asked what the lesson would cover.  I told him it all depended upon what he wanted to learn.  Individual private lessons are open ended..  If you want help understanding off-camera flash that is what we will talk about.  If you would like help with composition, or posing then we will head down that path.  Individual Photography lessons usually work out to be a mix of discussion and hands on shooting.  The images above were part of a demonstration related to the lesson.

When Mike told me that he had never used Adobe Photoshop Lightroom I offered to extend the photography lesson into the post-processing realm.  So we import the image to show him how powerful the develop module is in Lightroom.  The top image is the RAW file straight out of the Nikon D4.  The middle image was created (including the edge effect) using nik Silver Efex Pro 2 from within Lightroom.  The bottom image was the result of me demonstrating how easy it was to experiment with various camera raw settings and create a “new” look and then save it as a develop preset.

When asked what post-processing software I recommend, the response is always Lightroom.  While Lightroom does have a learning curve, it is no where near as cumbersome as Photoshop.  I periodically offer Photography workshops centered around Adobe Lightroom.  I have two scheduled for the near future.  The first is an introduction to Lightroom with an emphasis on getting your images into the catalog and starting the organization process.  The second Lightroom workshop delves into the develop module and printing.

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