What’s on my nightstand?


It is a constant process to stay educated

I just finished up a couple of one-on-one lessons.  Both students made the comment about there being “a lot” to learn.  I believe photography has such a wide appeal because it has a lot to offer.  It can get very technical, which many people (me included) find very compelling.  It can be very emotional.  I love that there is always room to grow and improve.

So how do you improve?  First and foremost take pictures.  Just like an athlete you have to practice to improve.  Experiment.  Play.  Make mistakes…and then learn from them. Read.  Learn from other’s mistakes.  I am a voracious consumer of all things photographic.  On my night stand at any given time you will find numerous books and magazines pertaining to photography.

I recently added a book reviews section to the website.  I am working to populate it as quickly as possible.  My next review will be for Sketching Light by Joe McNally.  I love Joe’s work and his books.  This is his 3rd book to make it’s way onto my nightstand.  From what I have read so far, I think it is his best yet.

Immerse yourself in photography if you wish to make substantial improvement.

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