Want to improve? Get out there and play.

Photographed during a Night Photography workshop held in Denver, Colorado.
Oysters . . . Seafood in neon!

I teach numerous people in a variety of different ways. I often hear “there is so much to remember…how do you do it”?

The same way you manage to drive your car everyday without incident (hopefully). You do it repeatedly until muscle memory takes over. Have you ever rented a different car when you travel? The initial few minutes behind the wheel are a little awkward while you are finding and familiarizing yourself with all the controls, but once you do all is well.

Strolling a vibrant downtown with a camera is one of my favorite activities.
Clock Tower as seen from the Downtown Denver walking mall.

If you have to look for each setting on your camera every time you want to make a change, that tells me that you simply need more time playing…developing that muscle memory. I’m afraid there simply isn’t any shortcut. It come with time and experimentation.

The images in this post were shot during a Night Photography workshop I instructed a few weeks back in Denver, Colorado. It was the night of the Mayweather – Pacquiao boxing match. The weather was cooperating nicely and the city was bustling. Many of the women were still donning their Kentucky Derby hats from earlier in the day. All in all, it was a superb evening to be out and playing with a camera. Most of the workshop participants had never attempted night photos and were constantly delighting themselves with the images they were able to create.

Caribou Coffee along the Denver walking mall.
Coffee shop at night

You can read every photography magazine printed and watch youtube channels until your eyes bleed, but your photography skills won’t improve until you actually get the camera out and work it. Join in on my photo walks, or register for a workshop that piques your interest. Playing and experimenting are simply the only way you will develop the familiarity required to make you feel comfortable with your camera. Even more amazing, is that once you really learn your camera, you will be able to pick up any camera and very quickly acquaint yourself with the controls (just like a rental car) and make beautiful images.

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