Something I have been meaning to do for years!

I have three blown glass bagels that I bought years ago.  I fell in love with them the moment I saw them and while they were a little pricey, I’m glad I bought them.  They bring me joy every time I glance at them.  I have been meaning to photograph them ever since I bought them, but just never got around to doing it.  A few days ago I bought a variety of fabrics for swaddling newborns and today I decided to shoot the bagels on the new fabric.  In the end I shot so tight that the background is barely visible.

Glass Bagels
Guilt free bagels

The attention to detail is amazing to me.  The salt bagel looks so real I have had to stop people on numerous occasions from reaching out to pick it up.  I’ve included a shot of the very simple setup used to create this shot.

Bagel setup
Simple macro shot setup

I placed the bagels on the new piece of fabric draped over a posing stool.  The shot is light with a ProFoto ComPact 600R outfitted with a Profoto Beauty Dish light modifier.  You can see the donut shaped catch light created by the Beauty Dish in the surface of several of the bagels.  I triggered the light with my Pocket Wizard Mini TT1 mounted in the hot shoe of the D3.  The Mini TT1 is part of the Flex system designed to enable wireless iTTL flash photography, but it will also trigger standard Pocket Wizard devices, and since it is so compact it has become my trigger of choice.

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