Night Photography

Fountain in Birmingham, Michigan
Sunset shot of the fountain in Shain Park, Birmingham, MI.

Earlier this week I taught a Night Photography Workshop in Birmingham, Michigan. The city is a little torn up from construction, so we had to be selective in our compositions. Even with the construction there were plenty of great subjects to photograph. We started in Shain Park and photographed the sculptures and fountain. The clouds were stunning as the sun began to set.

Motorcycle coming straight towards my camera.
Motorcycle headlight with flare!

While demonstrating how to capture vehicles at night, I spotted this motorcycle turning the corner and heading our way. I thought the large headlight would be a great opportunity to get some creative flare, and as it worked out, it was.

Steak House on Old Woodward in Birmingham, MI
Bar inside The Hyde Park Steak House. Photographed from the sidewalk across the street.

This is my favorite shot of the evening. The color and patterns are just amazing. If you have never tried your hand at night photography, get your tripod out and play a little. Now is the time while we have warm summer evenings.

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