High Key setup for products

I had a couple of inquiries after posting the wine glass images yesterday.  So let me first off say that rather than sending me an e-mail, post your thoughts and questions in the comments area of the blog so everyone can share them.  Trust me, if you are wondering about something chances are there are several others wondering the same thing.

Product Set-up
High Key Product shot setup

This shows the setup that I ultimately used to create the final image.

I started with everything you see above except for the Q-flash.  I was being lazy and was going to use just the softbox main light and no background light.  The result is shown below.

Product shot without background light
Product shot with main light only.

This image certainly works but it doesn’t have the “pop” I had in mind.

Once I saw what I was going to get with just a main light I broke out the Q-flash to whiten up the background.  It is set slightly brighter than the main light so the white seamless goes pure white.  If you go too strong the light will blow back off the seamless and start to overexpose your subject.

Two light High Key product shot
Two light high key product shot

The only post processing required was a minor bit of cloning to remove a few dust spots.

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