Grab the shot before it’s gone (a study in white balance)

Misty morning

Blue Mist

If you have been to my workshops then you may have heard me talk about white balance. This is a great example of blue light.  The more the sun is filtered or blocked the more blue you will see in the light.  White Balance on a digital camera is attempting to correct for the color cast and present the image closer to the white of sunlight.  Here I did not want to “correct” the color, I wanted to celebrate it!  The sun was up enough to provide light, but not strong enough yet to whiten up the scene.  Fog in the early morning looks much more blue than it will say 30 minutes later.  It starts to look more gray as the sun filters through and adds warmth.

When I saw this scene out my window I grabbed my tripod, because weak light means long exposures, and headed out the back door.  The self timer and tripod combined to allow me to get a nice crisp image.

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