Denmark’s finest race car

It is Auto Show week here in Detroit.  Cobo Hall is hosting the 24th Annual North American International Auto Show.  So I thought it would be a fitting tribute to photograph the pride of Denmark’s Automotive heritage.

Wheel and Tire Macro
The Pride of Denmark

Lego has always been one of my favorite toys and in this macro shot of my Lego Formula 1 Technic is hard to tell that it is a toy.

Setup for Formula One Shot
The making of a close macro shot

When I first got into photography I started out with a fixed 50mm lens.  It was the kit lens of the day back in the late 70’s.  It wasn’t long after acquiring the camera that I bought my first macro lens, and I’ve owned one for every camera system I’ve ever shot.

The close up of the rear wheel was taken with my Nikkor 105 Macro and an extension tube.  An SB900 provides the sole light source for the image, and given it’s relatively large size in comparison to the wheel and tire the resulting light is very soft and shadow free.

If you don’t want to spring for the cost of a dedicated macro lens consider getting a set of extension tubes.  They go between your current lenses and your camera and allow you to focus much closer than otherwise possible.

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