Attention to detail counts

Harman/Kardon Sound Sticks III
Beautiful Design should count for something

I sit and write this on my Apple computer, enjoying the visual experience that the system delivers.  Sure windoze machines are typically cheaper, but they lack the beautiful clean lines that make a Mac a design icon.  This isn’t intended to be a Mac vs. Windows discussion, rather it is a simple observation that beautiful design should count for something.  The product still has to do it’s intended task well, but when it does the job, and looks amazing that should be rewarded.

Today’s photo is a close up of my desktop computer speakers.  They sound amazing, and look great.  For me, the visual experience is wonderful.  Do yourself a favor and consider the aesthetic value of things you use daily or look at often.  As a photographer, I often value the beauty in well designed objects as much as I do the function.  I mean how often do we use a stapler?  A few seconds a week maybe for most of us, but it sits on your desk for the entire week.  Why shouldn’t it add visual value/pleasure to the scene.  Surround yourself with beauty and you’ll see the world as a more beautiful place.

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