A nice casual portrait

Ron Mitnick, Local Business Network
A nice casual portrait, perfect for social media

Ron Mitnick, a friend from Local Business Network, was in the studio today to get a series of images to use on his website and brochures.  I enjoyed working with Ron, and we created several great images that will serve him well.  As a business person that networks regularly, I know first hand the importance of a good profile image.  People remember faces.  If someone hands me a white business card with no picture, chances are I will not be able to remember who they were within a week.  A face on your business card helps people remember who you were, and why they want to do business with you.  Oh, and please make it a picture from this decade so it actually looks like you!  Ron’s business is Daily Money Management Services, LLC.  He helps seniors that are getting forgetful to stay on top of their bills and such so they keep current.  If you know anyone that might be in that situation look Ron up on Facebook and start a conversation.

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