Eastern Market Mural Walk $45

Eastern Market Mural Walk $45

Two story mural depicting several members of a marching band on the side of a 2 story brick building.
Pat Perry’s 2016 mural on Wilkins Street in Eastern Market District


To register for the Eastern Market Mural Walk Workshop – CLICK HERE.  Click on the “9AM” button to start the registration process.

Let’s get out for a nice stroll around The Eastern Market District and photograph the abundant variety of murals plus a few sculptures.

I list the time as 9am – 1pm. My plan is we will photograph from 9am – Noon then gather at Boulder’s Bistro & Brew for lunch. They offer a varied menu including vegetarian options.

Join this photography workshop in and around the Eastern Market District of Detroit. Join a small group lead by Certified Professional Photographer, Bob DiTommaso, as we explore the numerous murals in the area. Bob will be available to assist with compositional instruction as well camera settings. I have scouted Detroit checking out the abundance of murals. In thinking about how to conduct this workshop I decided that it would work best to park in one spot and walk. The area around Eastern Market has an abundance of murals which is why I choose it. We will have the opportunity to photograph dozens of murals during this workshop. You should be comfortable with walking several blocks (maybe a mile or two in total) over the course 3 hours. If you have never attended one of my events don’t worry. We move pretty slow and stop often.

collage of numerous Murals for workshop announcement.


What will the workshop cover:



    • Bob will discuss techniques related to composing and shooting for easier post-production.
      • How to reduce or eliminate keystoning;
      • Capturing the whole mural in the environment;
      • Isolating elements of particular interest;
      • Creating abstracts from portions of the scene;
      • Adjusting Exposure Compensation for the best possible in-camera capture;
      • 1 to 1 instruction showing participants how to make suggested adjustments.


      • A digital camera, it can be a DSLR, Mirrorless, or even a phone. (I have conducted several iPhone workshops and have become a believer!);
      • A variety of focal lengths will be very helpful (Either a zoom lens or a mix of prime lenses);
      • Wide angle lenses will afford you the opportunity to capture the entire mural including the surrounding environment;
      • Telephoto lenses are great for isolating portions of a larger mural, and/or photographing those murals we can’t get access up close and personal;
      • Tripods not necessary for this outing, I suggest you carry your camera on a strap along with a small camera bag to hold your additional lenses (if you have more than one).


Where will we meet?

There is a free gravel lot for the Dequindre Cut Greenway at the corner of Orleans St. and Wilkins St. Bob will be there with his Green Jeep Wrangler.